Monday, July 26, 2010

Card of the Day MAKE A DECISION!

Today's Card of the Day is MAKE A DECISION!
This is such an appropriate card. As you may or may not know, there are all kinds of astrological happenings currently that implore us to FENCE SIT NO LONGER!
So this is indeed a timely draw!
If there are decisions that you know need to be made (oh yes, its THAT one!) then do it. You know what you need to do, and the time is NOW for movement. Don't waste the opportunity of the whole of heaven at your back with this one.
Saturn is ready to aim and smack us into shape. It is far preferable to be ahead of the pressure of such a force.
So whatever it is that you have been putting off, thinking that someday you'll do, get to, stop, or change, today is someday.
Know also that moving forward, indecision is no longer an option.
Be bold and make your decision today!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Card of the Day (ARG) Be Willing to Forgive!

Today's Card is from the Angel Therapy deck. BE WILLING TO FORGIVE.
This card reminds us that the angels support us in forgiveness. This card is a call to heal past anger. Holding onto past experiences acts as a magnet attracting more of the same to our side! Why is that? the law of attraction, or "what you think about you create". Its that simple.
Well, not really.
Forgiveness is a HUGE spiritual topic. It reaks of spirituality, and sounds really really good, until you try to DO it.
what would forgiveness actually look like?
Try this.
Last week, I came home after a long day. Already suffering from a few sleepless nights, exhausted, I opened a letter, oh wait, TWO letters from Chase Bank.
It turns out that I had inadvertanly used my debit card TWICE before my auto deposit had arrived in my account. Long irritating story short, this oversight on my part ended up costing over 120$ in fees, all my extra cash for the week.
No problem, I thought, I ll call them and get them to reverse it. It's a simple mistake!
Well, Chase had other ideas. Suffice it to say, they declined to reverse the charges, and I had to pay up.
I was FUMING about this. It turns out, most banks will default to overdraft and you can select NOT to have them do it. I didn't know this, and now I guess its a federal law that goes into effect in August that they have to give you the option in writing. Meaning that they will simply not pay items that come through if the funds are not there. No more 40$ overdraft fees on 4$ popcorn purchases for them. No wonder that didn't want to reverse the charges, it was like their last meal!
I spent a good deal of energy being angry about this, and finally had to call in ALL my resources to see what was really going on. How did I do this?
ARG! Forgiveness!
I asked myself, "what about this experience is making me angry? What is it showing me, about MYSELF? What can I learn about this to let it go?
etc etc, you get the ANNOYING idea!
So what I came up with was it was telling me that:
1) I have too many accounts, and debit cards, simplify!
2) I have need to pay better attention to my money, and READ the notices that come from the bank about fees and etc
3) My money is my responsibility
So, I came up with a few more that are so irritatingly true, I cannot bring myself to type them.
In the end, the whole experience was an inexpensive and timely message from the universe.
This is the way it works people!
The path is not BIG HUGE revelations, usually, its the small very very hard looks in the mirror.
This is why forgiveness is key. It will keep showing up UNTIL you get it, too! If I ignored this, and kept being angry, likely something worse would have happened until I got the message. SO, I forgive you, Chase Bank, NAY....
I THANK YOU Chase Bank, for being the vehicle of my enlightenment...
I think I just threw up a little,
Be brave, and do a little forgiveness today. It doesn't hurt.. much.