Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Card of the Day FRIENDSHIP

Card of the Day, "FRIENDSHIP"
This card reminds us that :
"Although we are busy with responsibilities, it’s important to take time out to play with one or more friends. By drawing this card, you’re urged to make a date to go have fun with companion.
When you play and laugh, you open yourself up to healing love! You also remember how lovable you are."
I need to be reminded of this constantly! I am easily distracted by my TO DO List, and have recently reconnected by spending time with friends. This is a very good thing to remember TO DO!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Card of the day SYNCHRONICITY!

Today's card is SYNCHRONICITY!
This card is from the Mermaids and Dolphins deck. It's message is pretty straightforward. "Your prayers and questions are being answered by synchronistic (probably not a real word) events! Notice them to increase their flow."
This is an important message, as what we focus on increases. We are so powerful!
You may already understand that there are no accidents, or coincidences. This card reflects your recent positive thoughts that are directed like a laser beam to your desires. Watch how serendipity can reshape your life with intention!
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Also, YES I know the image I've posted has little to do with THE CARD OF THE DAY. It's at least a large stretch, anyway. It just happens to be so close to Easter and I just love love this one!

Monday, March 15, 2010


Today’s card is Cancel Clear Delete from the Angel Therapy Card deck.
This card requests that you “use only positive words, and thoughts as they are rapidly manifesting into form. Ask the angels to cancel the effects of past negative thinking.”

Something that has been coming up a lot recently for me is rapid manifestation. There are plenty of reasons for this, which I won’t go into here….yet.
But know this: Thoughts are things!
What you think about and talk about becomes real. This card is a great reminder to keep our thoughts and words positive. When you focus so much on what you don’t want, that is exactly what you pull in: like attracts like!

A great example would be if you are worried about money, try something new.
Instead of talking about it at all, or spending any time worrying, spend some time noticing how abundant the universe is! Go outside and notice the blossoms on a tree that come year after year. How many blades of grass are in a field? The universe is naturally abundant. Take a moment to notice and appreciate this reality.
Louise Hay says you should also bless your bills. Feel grateful that you are perceived as capable of paying it.
Worry doesn’t resolve anything; it just makes us sick. So why not try a new positive approach? It certainly can’t hurt!
So take the angels advice. Spend some time clearing, canceling and deleting. Behave and talk as if you: are what you aspire to, have what you desire, and are at peace with what you crave. Be careful how you talk about your life, and yourself. You are in fact, creating your future.
Have a mindful day!

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Monday, March 8, 2010

Card of the Day "HEALER"

Card of the Day, HEALER!
This card I drew three times from the Magical Unicorns deck. According to the unicorns, you have the power to help and heal others! This is so appropriate for me today. I was JUST having a related conversation! (Those sneaky eavesdropping unicorns!)
When we are working to heal ourselves, we invariably and POWERFULLY affect everyone around us!
Even when we feel like we are struggling with a simple thing, our effort to change in a positive way with energetic integrity has ramifications far beyond what we could even imagine!
An example of this dynamic in real life would be if you are noticing a difficult relationship in your life and you want to heal that relationship, but every time you think of it, you are overwhelmed. Instead of sitting with that feeling, and seeing where it goes, we often reach for the food, drink, or a credit card, to distract us from that overwhelm.
IF instead we sit in it, and feel it, and allow it to surface, we can MOVE past it. This simple yet terrifying act has far reaching healing affects! HOW? Energetically, we are changing the game! As we heal, we raise the vibration for everyone around us and everyone we encounter. This is real, and it works. You can make a difference with a simple invisible act.
Do it today, sit, don’t run, and have a healing day!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Card of the day, RAISE YOUR STANDARDS!
I am laughing at this card, because I drew the SAME card in 2 decks. SO! I guess that it is definitely the CARD of the DAY!
The Mermaids and Dolphins wish to remind us: Increase your standards and expect more for yourself, don’t settle!
This card is helpful when you’ve been trying to rationalize a situation away, thinking that it really is okay. Clearly, it is not, and you know it.
You don’t need to compromise
You can heal and replace troublesome situations with ones that more clearly suit you.
But YOU must make the first move, energetically. You do this by refusing to accept the current situation and RAISING YOUR STANDARDS.