Sunday, June 12, 2016


I recently connected via Facebook with the amazing and talented Jodi Waltier, print mastress. When I posed a Shibori request, she replied offering a custom workshop. My friend Lillian and I took her up on the generous proposal, and what ensued was nothing short of soulful. Here is a photo essay of our 2 day love fest with Indigo!
 Some sample making

 ready to dip!

 instructions in japanese?
 ideas and samples from Jodi!

 My first POPCORN samples
 mt first stiching
OW. Almost done.....
 PRE SOAK!!!! Always, says Jodi: PRE SOAK!
 The Stinky Brew...
 Splash the Artist Cat
 Holding space with the witches
the POPCORN done and triple dipped....
un-tie, un-tie, ouch stab, bleed.....

Only stabbed myself 76,854,058,423,096,483 times undoing, since I am obsessive and triple tied everything. Also, lazy so I refused to go get a thimble. BUT the results are worth it. Lovely.

This was an amazing couple of days with lovely ladies. Jodi's magical farmhouse and Splash the Artist Cat made the experience so the richer. I am forever grateful for the experience and knowledge! Thank you!