Thursday, February 28, 2013

Its Over, Y'all

I have been waiting so long to write this post. Since May 28, 2012, in fact. It has been 9 months since I fell ill, became bedridden, and nearly lost my mind.
Today, I knew that it was over. I knew this because today, I went running.
For months in the summer, I would sit outside my house in a chair looking at trees, because it was all I could do. In late September, I cried because I couldn't walk further than 2 houses, and my back hurt from sitting up too long. In October, I started to drive again, and by the holidays, I could function. But running was something I had put on my "maybe I'll be able to do it again" list. I was not counting on it, it seemed so unrealistic after being ill for so long.
But today, it seemed easy. My body might disagree, but it really was. I ran to the Mama Maple and said hello. Everything looked the same on that trail that I have run so many times before. But this time, I was overcome with gratitude that I made it back. I know some people don't and I know some people who may be in that spot now. This experience has left me with some tenacious trust in spirit and some humility and gratitude. I am happy to be here, and happy to run, even if my knees don't think so!
Here are some recent pics of what I ve been up to:

For my birthday, I got FLOCKED
 Trip to the Falls with Sister
 Fairy house
 At GC park near moms tree
 me with moms tree
 at the falls
 at lincoln park on valentines day
 real flamingos at the zoo

at the zoo

 spring is here
 P and Fairy house
 P and Cindy
 peace to the geese
keep going little worm!! I know you have your own HP so i will keep on running, i know you are being looked after, just like me.