Monday, March 8, 2010

Card of the Day "HEALER"

Card of the Day, HEALER!
This card I drew three times from the Magical Unicorns deck. According to the unicorns, you have the power to help and heal others! This is so appropriate for me today. I was JUST having a related conversation! (Those sneaky eavesdropping unicorns!)
When we are working to heal ourselves, we invariably and POWERFULLY affect everyone around us!
Even when we feel like we are struggling with a simple thing, our effort to change in a positive way with energetic integrity has ramifications far beyond what we could even imagine!
An example of this dynamic in real life would be if you are noticing a difficult relationship in your life and you want to heal that relationship, but every time you think of it, you are overwhelmed. Instead of sitting with that feeling, and seeing where it goes, we often reach for the food, drink, or a credit card, to distract us from that overwhelm.
IF instead we sit in it, and feel it, and allow it to surface, we can MOVE past it. This simple yet terrifying act has far reaching healing affects! HOW? Energetically, we are changing the game! As we heal, we raise the vibration for everyone around us and everyone we encounter. This is real, and it works. You can make a difference with a simple invisible act.
Do it today, sit, don’t run, and have a healing day!

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