Sunday, March 13, 2011

Keep Calm and Carry On!

I had a dream last night where I was in a water-filled community style living place with all my luggage, kids, toys, and general crap. There was water everywhere, not yucky water, but everything was damp and moist, kind of like living at the Y in the locker rooms.
Then I went out to where the pool should be and looked up. The sky was a pool of water, just hanging there.
I was overwhelmed..
I wanted to go home. I realized that my luggage was everywhere, toys strew about, and on top of it all, I had a ton of dirty laundry to do before I packed.
I thought perhaps I should just stuff the laundry in a hefty bag and leave the crappy plastic toys at the Y, grab my kids and dogs and high tail it out of there!
Then, I saw my neighbor, Ann, getting ready to do her laundry at the facility we were in.
I thought about what might happen if my hefty bag came apart in the area where they will (certainly) inspect my bags at the airport…
Then I woke up.
If you are a dream analyzer, you’d have a great time with this one. But what I came up with is this:
While things are really looking crazy right now, and likely really to get much crazier…
It is tempting to think of stuffing our dirty laundry in a bag, abandoning our crap and heading “home”.
But in truth, most of us will be here long past 2012. There will most likely not be a neat and tidy end to the problems that we have created in this world. We will be here, stuck in this beautiful and treacherous community center, and sooner or later, we will have to wash our clothes.
Imagine showing up at the doors of the great beyond with dirty socks (or worse!) hanging from a shredded hefty bag..not pretty.
So I will keep calm and carry on, or in the words of my wise dad, (or really, Ivars) Keep Clam Man! And start scrubbing.

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Anna said...

Funny, I had a dream last night that Lloyd and I and the kids were on a trip to a foreign country. We got off the bus on the last day before we were to catch another bus to the airport, and left all our luggage on the bus. Even my purse. It SUCKED.