Thursday, December 8, 2016

Harry Potter Theme Birthday Party from September 2016

There are some pics from my daughters 12th Birthday Party! Everything was harry potter.
Note the Mandrake Cupcakes. Mini cupcakes in small terra cotta pots covered with crushed oreos, All gluten free (used Trader Joes JOJOs for the "Dirt") The babies I got at Michaels and hot glued leaves on.
 The house was set up by "department" this was labeled HERBOLOGY.
 This is near POTIONS and OLLIVANDERS. The wands were made via a pinterest idea using hot glue on chopsticks. Worked great!!
 Gringotts was a Cauldron filled with gold coins (chocolate of course!) this also served as part of the goodie bags. Each girl got a Harry Potter goody bag and filled with things from each department
 Here is HONEYDUKES! Girls filled their goody bags from this!

 This was my favorite! POTIONS. We made all sorts of potions and set it up
 The dinner in the GREAT HALL

 another shot of potions.

 From this shot you can see the HP Banner we made!

A mostly great time was had by all. It was ALOT... there were maybe 8 11-12 year old girls and HP movies all night.

Glad I did it. Glad it's over!!!!

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