Sunday, April 4, 2010


Today there is not a card of the day, as something extraordinary happened that I want to share. Let me begin with some background on my relationship with the universe.
When I was in college, I lived adjacent to a magic dumpster. I was always manifesting wonderful presents from the universe in this “magic” dumpster. I would, on a whim, go look inside and find things that MOST certainly were left there only for me. For example, I one day found a pair of brown leather pants, that fit me perfectly. If you know me, you know that this is most certainly a gift from the gods. Not only am I difficult to fit, but also I had always wanted a pair of leather pants! Other manifestations from that dumpster included a pet rat, alive, complete in a shoe box waiting to be my friend (the domestic kind) Again, a gift that I could truly appreciate, as I’ve always had a fondness for rodents.
This dumpster was as capable of evil as it was of good, however, and I also met with some unfortunate happenings by way of the magic dumpster.
Once, my un-shredded financial documents were stolen (this was in the pre internet days, luckily) and I found myself the victim of some check fraud. Another time, I threw out my art school cast offs in the dumpster, only to be haunted by them turning up in a local garage sale, and most wickedly, displayed in a neighborhood bar that I had frequented as WALL ART!
The message here, I suppose is that one girl’s trash is another’s lucky manifestation… or be careful what you wish for..Or throw away, or… I’m not sure. I was only in my early 20s; so I can t expect too much enlightenment.
The point of this is that I have been looking for another “magic” dumpster ever since then.
I’ve always been pretty good at manifesting, but today I ascended to a new high.
Lately, I’ve been telling my husband how I need new running shoes. We trying to conserve money, and so I have been reticent to spend 100$ on new shoes, but my feet protest.
Today, we discovered a barely used pair of Adidas running shoes IN OUR SHOE CUBBY by the front door. We were puzzled. whose shoes these could be? After running (no pun intended) through the list of usual suspects we determined it a mystery. Then it occurred to me! I had MANIFESTED these shoes! I knew I was powerful, but MAN!
A magic dumpster! In my OWN HOME!!! Ok, that’s not what I meant, but you get the idea.
And, if these are YOUR shoes, keep it to yourself. In the meantime, have a magical day!


Diana said...

sweet! nice work, magic woman.

C Mike said...

It must be catching! Our dining room buffet just manifested up a neat camera and a cute hat that looks like it might be good for a peep with not too much hair.

Molly said...

Hey Jennifer,

I have a question for the dolphins/fairies/unicorns. How can I lighten up? I'd like to live in the moment more and shut off a lot of the thinking and analyzation I tend to do. I'm feeling too serious to properly greet spring.


Effective Astrology said...

Congrats!! Love that you've found a new gift spot :)