Monday, April 12, 2010

To Answer Your Question...A READER ASKS

Today's post is in reponse to a reader who asked...
"How can I lighten up? I'd like to live in the moment more and shut off a lot of the thinking and analyzing that I tend to do. I'm feeling too serious to properly greet spring."
What a great and timely question!!
I did a card draw, and intuned, and here is what I came up with:
A lot of us are feeling this way, and I will tell you YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!!
There is a real intense cycle astrologically now, until the end of the month. (I think Lillian has posted some on this? )
Currently, we are in an energy phase that really brings up old stuff, right in your face! This is happening to all of us, so its no wonder you may feel serious, and stuck in your head.
While this may feel like crap, the reality is that it is a brilliant opportunity to FINALLY be done with old old patterns. The universe is providing PLENTY of opportunities for your old patterns to emerge just so you can notice and let go.  This cycle is be both liberating and very challenging.
One way many people cope when they are faced with cycles with this intenstity is to leave your body, and live in your head: Thinking, worrying, analyzing.
The truth is, we survive moment by moment. So the more we can stay in the moment, in our bodies, the more chances we have to make better choices. You can get through anything moment by moment, it's only in thinking about it that we traumatize ourselves. The saying, "take the medicine, leave the pain" feels appropriate.
Our brains are tools, they are not meant to be in charge. Our spirit should be in the drivers seat. SO try to hear what your spirit is saying, maybe invite him or her to tea.
IF your brain is super active, try journaling as opposed to meditation. I find that when I am super busy in the head, writing a pages of whatever comes in your head (ala "The Artist's Way" morning pages) is  always helpful to clear the cobwebs.
In essence, this is a very productive and exciting time! The renewal of spring brings about powerful cycles of death and re birth. To be who we are we have to die a thousand deaths. Instead of being fearful, ask yourself, what is stalking you? What do you need to let go of to move forward?
Who are you beyond your chains?
To hear the answers requires a soul approach, and answer. Try quieting your mind and look for symbols (the language of the soul) or feelings (the language of the body) instead of words (the language of the mind)
Happy Spring to all!
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