Sunday, May 2, 2010

Send Her/ Us Some Love! Pray for Planet Earth

Send Her/ Us Some Love! Pray for Planet Earth
By now, most of you have probably heard about the GIGANTIC oil spill off the gulf coast. It is unprecedented in its size and impact. If you are interested in the gory details check it out on CNN or any news organization. Perhaps the most telling is that this incident happened on Earth Day last week. I am sending an urgent plea to everyone I know regarding this.
I don’t want money, or even a signature.
When a person has a catastrophic health crisis and there’s nothing left to do, we pray. If you don’t like “pray” call it “sending some love”.

Please pray for Planet Earth.
Please lead your children in doing it and send this to anyone and everyone. Here is an easy and helpful visualization to try if you are inclined.

Relax, and close your eyes. Surround yourself with light and imagine tree roots growing out from your feet into the center of the earth.
Feel the light running up and through you from the center of the earth, and imagine you are one.
Now see the earth spinning before you right in front of your heart. Put your hands out to surround it and see it spinning and getting smaller and smaller. When it is the size of a cherry tomato, bring the earth into your heart. See it there and know you are surrounding it with love and health.

Another way to help is through thoughts and words, also free!
As often as possible, see the earth as healthy and clean. Hold the image of a healthy clean ocean in your mind and only use positive words and thoughts regarding this situation.

We all create the world we live in, thought by thought and moment by moment. Nothing is impossible, and there is hope for the ocean. Lets re-create Earth Day 2010 with a better outcome. Please do this now, do this with your children, and send it on.


Kate Redmond said...

Thank you for this. I've sent it on to friends and to my reiki master, whose networks are large and loving!

Anna said...

Stellar idea; can we also visualize a hex on those BP jerkfaces?

Lillian said...

Thanks for the reminder, I'm joining the effort and sending the word out too!