Friday, May 21, 2010

IM BACK!!! Card of the Day.. CHANGES!

With a super duper fast post, to say...
The unicorns say..
The Changes that you have been going through are positive ones!
Lucky us. This is a monumental time for CHANGES! Of all types for most ALL of us.
Hang in there. The old is being peeled away, as the new emerges. This can feel like a relief, or it can feel horrible, even like you are dying, and in a way, you are.
You are a new person EVERY day. We make choices EVERY second that affect who we are and what we perceive as reality.
I read recently that we grow a whole new body every 8 months. Think about that.
Every 8 months, your whole ding dang life!!!
That means fresh chances every milisecond to make a better choice.
Stay in the positive as we all go through this time of change. Think from a large perspective as you feel this shift.
Don't get caught in telling yourself the same old tired stories. This is the time for change, and you are the one to do it!
More soon.