Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Sascha, 1996-2010, A Word on Love

My dog, who I had for 11 years, died today.
I adopted her when she was 3 and had been given up by 2 previous homes. She was extremely nervous and barky, and she peed on the floor when she got excited.
I have been dreading this day for 11 years.
Now that it has come and gone, I am so very sad, and relieved. I know that recently, she has been in pain. And I know that she didn't like wearing the diapers that had become a necessity. So I am happy for her, and sad for me.
Here is her obituary:
Our lovely dog, Sascha, passed into the great unknown this evening, effortlessly, and peacefully. She was 14.
We are all very sad, and will miss her terribly.
She had a long and barky, fun life. The last couple years had been rough on her, health wise, but she never lost her sense of humor, or her taste for snacks. In fact just an hour before she went, she was furtively chasing down Paloma's snacks that had fallen on the floor.
She was so well loved. Sascha converted many people who "didn't really like small dogs". She was not a small dog. She had a super large heart, both literally and figuratively.
I know that she is happy on the other side, barking, and eating cheese. She is most likely with my grandmothers, who both loved "small dogs".
Goodbye Sascha, we love you so much. See you on the other side!
Jennifer Stefan Paloma Teddy and Milo.

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Lillian said...

So sorry to hear of your loss. Sascha was truly a lovely, lovely being.