Sunday, May 8, 2011

Pete and Repeat, Disaster Preparedness!!

This is a post that I did last year and RE POSTED several months ago related to DISASTER PREPAREDNESS. This has been on my mind again, and so I am re posting it, AGAIN!

and adding a cutie picture of MILO Dog, who is in some back pain, please send loves, and read on!

Also, check out my sister's post about Preparedness today......

I was so thrilled to draw this card from my Healing With The Fairies deck.
Just hours ago, I was engaged in an all too familiar conversation with a friend regarding “3 days 3 ways” preparedness.
We live in the Northwest, an area ripe for an earthquake, or other seismic event, like umm, a VOLCANO!
I am a HUGE fan of being prepared for anything. Part of it is my hyper-vigilance, and part of it is my astrological “blessing” (I am a double Capricorn). There is nothing more satisfying to me than a full cupboard, paid bills and a clean house. Then, I just sit and wait. I am kidding.. sort of.
I have been harassing my friends for years to get ready. Drawing this card is just the impetus that I need to remind you YET again, please get your earthquake kits ready.
If you are so inclined, there are a variety of pre-made types available at Amazon. Just order one, (dammit) so I can stop thinking about it!
For me, I feel better knowing that I have walking shoes, water and snacks in the car, in case I have to walk home. I also know where I will meet my family should we become separated for any reason in an earthquake, and I have a document with all my important account numbers on it with a relative out of state. These things are simple but would make a big difference in a crisis.
We are living in amazing times! I do believe in the goodness of people in times of crisis, to aid and assist each other, and to turn tragedy into hope, as is happening in Haiti right now! That said, there is nothing like Self Reliance, knowing that we have our own backs, and that we are our own best friends. We are the ones who can best care for ourselves, emotionally, and physically.
This card reminds us that when we feel frightened and overwhelmed, we sometimes look for someone to tell us it is going to be all right. Know that it will be all right. In reality, everything is as it should be at all times.
The message from the fairies in this case is that everything we need will be provided for us. We are capable of handling whatever comes our way, and when we don’t know, we will be guided onto the right path for us.
I have seen in my own life that this is what we learn through crisis. Real self reliance is really trust and confidence in your true self.
This card tells us that even when our manifestations funnel through others, they originate with our own thoughts. Being self reliant doesn't mean doing it all ourselves. It means knowing that we are part of the world. It means taking responsibility for ourselves and our environment. We really are the creator of our world.
You are as qualified and deserving as any other person. Your inner voice knows the way for you, and you can be confident that you will know what to do in each situation.
Soooo, PREPARE, and relax, and know you are in good hands.

For further resources on preparedness, I recommend this book!
JUST in CASE, by Kathy Harrison.
She is a fascinating and super hyper vigilant foster mother of hundreds of special needs children (really!) living somewhere in middle America with 2 cellars, and a 3 months supply of EVERYTHING. I ll bet she makes soap out of yams, too. It is written in a non alarmist manner with very practical advice. I highly recommend it.


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WHat a heap of good idears! Thankye and thankye for your terrific posts :)