Tuesday, April 2, 2013

I'm Just Sayin'... Matt Sellars at Platform Gallery

Last Thursday was the opening of Matt Sellar's Exhibit  "Formation" at Platform Gallery
(Open March 28 to May 4, 2013) I was lucky to be the first to arrive. I got to spend some time looking at the work. (Later on it was not so easy to see everything or hear... a very nice turnout!)
I loved this first piece, that looks like a crazy bone/ comb thing. It is carved wood and on a gorgeous custom table also made by Sellars.  

Also notable was this piece of carved wood on another custom platform.....

These are some clay pieces that I was not as drawn to, perhaps because they seemed like thoughts in process. Sellar's wood work is so very warm and poetic. Elegant and refined without being controlled. It is a truly amazing feat to be able to hold on to the soul of a piece long enough to execute it, which he does effortlessly in wood and pencil, so these clay pieces seemed less adventurous to me, but still nice objects.
Fantastic drawings!!!

I didn't get a picture of the installation, but its worth a visit to the show by itself. I wish I had gone in sooner to hear better the poetry on the video piece, but could just make out the tone of Matt's voice. I can imagine a second career for him in country music! I wish....
I so enjoyed this opening, seeing old friends and other Art Peeps. I don't get out much, and am prone to introversion, but this event was not to be missed.
Here is Geg (spelling?) looking professorish.... I saw most all my favorite people and some great art.
Congrats Matt, you are a star.

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