Friday, April 5, 2013

Spring, Y'all!

Happy Easter!

Habitat at Lincoln Park, unknown critter...

View from here

miners lettuce?


mama maple

fairy house au natural

resident of mama maple, never seen a web like this...

plant i ve been looking to identify for 2 years, please send a message if you know what it is!

view from mama maple

probably toxic, do not eat hemlock type...?
my offering to pacha mama today

nutso plant, aliens

best smell award

more aliens

bye bye Bailey. This is where orange barking dog harassed my dogs for years, she recently passed away and was by all other accounts, a lovely lady, RIP.

tiny lovelies

who will you be???


magnolias on our street

TBP to be planted....

moms peonies FINALLY making ground.

my wilderness

so it begins....

for Anna, DO NOT EAT...

Welcome Spring and RENEWAL. Life goes on

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