Monday, January 23, 2017

What I've Been Up to: Art and Inspiration!

An update of my creative life in the last few months:
In June we went to the Lego Exhibit at the Seattle Center( Nathan Sawaya) I was so blown away and inspired. The tedium! Loved it. Here are my favorites:

 Life size figures

 Of course the installation was my very fave

 I also worked on my ceramic skills a bit and made these!

I saw this in my neighborhood around the 4th !
I participated in a show in October: HEX and The Monstrous Feminine HERE
These are some in process images...

I went on a weekend trip to Portland and loved the displays at Anthropologie:

During that trip I also cracked open my new in the box book Louise Bourgeois The Fabric Works HERE

Also Cat Break
Happy New Year.