Sunday, February 21, 2010



Today’s card is relevant in so many ways! It is a great card for me personally, and I think fitting for our global situation as well.

Personally, I have had very strange dreams as of late. All signs point to change. Maybe in ways I did not anticipate, as is standard spiritual fair! Dangit. As soon as we feel like we get it, we’ll invariably be thrown for a loop. Heaven loves a good laugh.

My message here is to be flexible, move ahead anyway.

While the fairies encourage fearlessness on the basis that all is as it should be, I respectfully disagree.

In the words of the wise Mama Bear, who so eloquently said in the classic, Stage Fright, (and I paraphrase here to limit your annoyance,) “of course you will be afraid. It is natural to be afraid. But if you expect to be scared, then you can relax and get on with it.”
The fairies neglect to mention with this card, that you will be afraid, oh yes. Very afraid!

But that in itself is no reason not to move ahead. Expect it, notice it, and do it anyway.

Grow anyway. We all know what we need to do, but are afraid.

Right now is the time to get used to this idea. There is so much to be gained on all levels by noticing our fear, and (sorry fairies) getting over the idea of fearlessness. True courage found in moving THROUGH the fear.

Bring it on.

I will be out for a week or so, on a lovely vacation that can be explained here.

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