Thursday, February 4, 2010


Card of the day SOLAR PLEXUS CHAKRA!
Today I used a reader question to select the card of the day.
A reader who asked,
“How can I stay balanced and centered in the week ahead”?
The angel deck answers: Solar Plexus Chakra!
The solar plexus, located right below your chest and about gut level, the color is sun yellow, and it is seen as the life force chakra.
Caroline Myss says the solar plexus is the first charka where ideas begin to manifest. I agree! Once you’ve said YES with your heart (4th chakra) it moves on down to the solar plexus chakra, (3rd Chakra) for activation into manifestation.
Think of the solar plexus as where your head, heart and actions intersect, a HUGE power center, full of possibilities. This is where you feel your “gut reaction”. It is also where you decide, “to go with your gut”, and take action based on what you know to be true. This is truly where you honor your life force and creative power!
If you have stomach issues, it is relevant to pay attention to what you know to be true and make decisions accordingly.
The solar plexus card reminds us that it safe to be powerful and take charge. This card assures you that you are in fact very powerful, and that power doesn’t equate to aggression. It is safe to use your power in loving ways. Using your power simply means being true and authentic.
So to the reader who asked this question, I say:
Be a hero and use your power for good! You already know what you will need to do, just listen to your intuition and act in harmony with it.
Have a powerful day.


Lillian said...

I am loving this blog, Jennifer! Thanks for the cool posts and the terrific insight!

Anna said...

Yeah, cool. But put up more picture of Aragorn!

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