Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Today is the first day of spring! We went over to 3810 to visit with the family, and start the BIRTHDAY WEEK CELEBRATIONS!!
Seeing the garden in the fall and winter can be depressing to me. More evidence that my mom is not there, everything looks so dead.
But today, signs of life have returned...
evidence below....

The boys playing in the "new pond"
new violets
the fairy house!! The fairies must have enjoyed the cornbread and jello, it was licked clean....

the front yard

tree in the front

Hydrangea.. looks beautiful all year

a sign of spring

a work in progress

lots of fish in the pond!

Thanks for stopping by the first day of spring!!!!

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Tammy said...

What is Vitamix??? Please come back to my blog and leave me some details!! :)